Product Management tools: today and tomorrow

Posted by Simon Leyland on 11/22/21 6:30 AM

Product Management plays a key role inside companies driven by their products; it’s instrumental for organizational growth and strategic market advantages. 

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Just released: Controlling changes in shared product features

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 11/18/21 8:00 AM

It was a big effort, but we are finally here! Today we announce the general availability of change control for features. With this set of new capabilities at your disposal, you will be able to collaborate with your team more efficiently and run scenarios on your plans before publishing them across your product lines. You will also enjoy higher transparency as Gocious will highlight what features have changed since the last plan submission. 

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What’s in a name? The different shades of Product Manager.

Posted by Maziar Adl on 11/1/21 7:00 AM

Product leaders as revenue growth drivers

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Webinar replay: Tools for modern product management

Posted by Simon Leyland on 10/29/21 9:28 AM

The function of product management is evolving within manufacturing companies.  Senior leadership is pressing for more growth, more innovation, more diversification, more market expansion.  All of this falls in the lap of product management to figure out the path forward. It is more important than ever for product management to revisit the tools in their proverbial toolbox.

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Product Management: the foundation of a successful business

Posted by Maziar Adl on 10/4/21 4:51 PM

Product Management has a strong strategic role within product-driven organizations. And yet, it is fraught with archaic processes and tools. Here, we discuss topics that every Product Manager, CEO and any team member contributing to product planning should be familiar with. The content is meant to spotlight Product Management as a discipline, examine existing frameworks and tools, and suggest how this functional area can succeed in today’s environment while setting up for the future.

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Just released: Value Map Charts

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 9/9/21 6:00 AM

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Value Map charts to help product portfolio managers take advantage of the market conditions and position their products for success. Using Value Maps, as a product manager, you can compare your products against competitors in terms of value and price to devise the best strategy to enter or adjust the position of your products in the market. 

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Webinar replay: Optimize your product fit using past performance

Posted by Simon Leyland on 9/8/21 9:42 AM

Launching a new product can be a bit like a science experiment. You have made observations and created a hypothesis with data that supports your claims. Next, the hypothesis gets approved so you launch the product thus testing it.

Now it ss time to draw conclusions and refine the hypothesis.  

But this presents you with a problem. Your original hypothesis data is not the same as that returning from the real world. So what can you do?

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Just released: Product Coverage Chart

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 9/1/21 6:00 AM

Understanding how well a market segment is served can provide you with invaluable insight as to the opportunities available for new products and areas to stay away from.  Can you imagine what a difference it would make to see in one visual how your product serves the market segments alongside your competition and whether there is a gap you can exploit?

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Just Released: Capturing and tracking your product price

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 8/17/21 3:34 PM

In our conversations with you, it is clear that developing your product portfolio based on its features alone and without considering price can be risky and incomplete. So we decided to engineer and develop tools that enable you to analyze and make decisions on setting and communicating your products' price. Today we are pleased to announce the first step in a series of launches providing you with the ability to decide, capture and share price sheets for each of your products, including the impact that options would have on the price. With this capability, you can define multiple price sheets for your product and see the ranges of the prices your products will cover depending on the options selected.

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Webinar replay: Adapting Your Product Strategy Assessment for Today's Market

Posted by Simon Leyland on 8/3/21 6:00 AM

If you want your company to grow and expand, the key to success is a solid product strategy. Your product strategy must be flexible and nimble to quickly react to changing market conditions. Our research has found that product managers rarely use specialized tools to set the strategy of their portfolio. Today’s general productivity tools make it difficult for companies to track and make changes and set their product strategy to adapt to the changing market needs in an agile and efficient way.

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