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One of the most challenging tasks in product development is deciding which features will define each product, which ideas you'll save for later, and which to abandon altogether. Your product stakeholders will bring varying opinions to the table, which can lead to lengthy discussions on the product's priority. That's where prioritization formulas are helpful, keeping everyone working together to find the best solution. 

We previously released the prioritization dashboard that brings your teams together to score product ideas in one central location, increasing stakeholder transparency. We're taking that dashboard further by launching a new feature to make that process smoother. We call it "Choice List Attributes."

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Increasing Clarity, Transparency, and Collaboration 

With the Choice List Attributes feature, you can now pre-set the values of your drop-down menus in your scoring formulas. This allows your product managers or product executives to enter the values ahead of time, along with their associated ranking, to make the scoring process quick and keep the discussion value-focused. 


Get Greater Clarity on Your Options

Comparing disparate ideas can be like comparing apples to oranges. Product scoring formulas help make sense of these varying suggestions by evaluating each idea on a pre-determined list of criteria. How much will the feature cost to develop? How long will it take to create? How much value will it bring the customer, or how much profit will it generate? These questions can be measured and plugged into various scoring formulas to make idea comparison and priority ranking possible. 

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Improve Transparency with Your Stakeholders

Evaluating product ideas before the scoring criteria are set can create unnecessary confusion with your colleagues. Even if you set out clear guidelines, if each stakeholder is entering their own data to determine a score, inconsistencies will frequently lead to errors. With custom Choice List Attributes, you can ensure that everyone is working with the same options, generating consistent values and providing transparency in the scoring formula. 


Increase Collaboration Between Teams

The best way to set the criteria for your scoring formula of choice is to consult with your various teams. Your engineers will be able to tell you how long it may take to develop a new technology or feature. In contrast, your sales teams can tell you how profitable an idea might be or how valuable the idea is to the customer. Once you capture the details behind the scenes, all teams involved in the prioritization and scoring process will be able to see the same values across the board. 

Leverage Gocious Product Roadmap Software for Streamlined Idea Collection, Priority Sorting, and Enhanced Collaboration 

Gocious product roadmap management software is the ideal place to collect ideas, sort your priorities, and add directly to the product roadmap in one centralized location to increase transparency and collaboration. When everyone is working together in the same environment, better discussions can take place.


Where Else Can Choice Lists Attributes Be Used?

Assigning pre-defined values to drop-down menus is a feature you can use beyond scoring formulas. Within the attributes section, you can use this new feature to assign values to different characteristics for easy categorization. Not only can these lists increase alignment and transparency in your organization, but they can also save your product teams valuable time. 


Product Prioritization for Manufacturers

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