Just Released: Competitive analysis matrix and product repository

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Staying competitive means keeping an eye on your competitor’s products and ensuring that your products have a clear differentiating feature against them. Competitor’s products go through changes. Keeping your records up-to-date and regularly revisiting your side-by-side comparison charts is essential in ensuring your product is still staying ahead of its competitors.

We launched a digital space for you to specifically store your competitor’s products and features quickly and compare them with yours or each other.

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Competitor product repository

We created a space where you and your team can store your competitor product information, including its brand, features, specification, and more. Like the user experience in other parts of our library, you can collaborate, search, and comment on competitor products.


The product repository is a central place for all your competitive products. You can then use these records to create competitive analysis boards and compare products side-by-side. Updates to products in this repository will then be reflected on all the boards you have created. Making it possible for you to see the latest changes across all boards.

We have simplified setting the feature availability on the competitor products to make it easier and faster to define products and their features.

Competitive analysis board

Here you can put your products and competitor products side-by-side each other and create one or more boards, each for a specific purpose. For example, you may want to have a board per product segment or a board per competitor.


Setting up a board is super easy. All you have to do is to select from your products or competitor products to be included. Better yet, if you haven’t created competitive products, you can do so directly from this screen to save you time.

add competitior products_2

We are committed to enhancing competitive analysis capabilities

This is a start to a set of features we will launch for you to be able to capture competitive information and compare your product and its performance against the competition. Stay tuned; exciting times ahead. 😊

You can learn more to stay on top of your competitive product landscape

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