How the Right Product Roadmap Management (PRM) Tools Can Help Electronics Companies Create Better Products

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phone_exploded-view_2Any product manager knows that getting organized is not always easy. Staying on top of everything is always a challenge with all the moving parts involved in creating high-quality products, especially in the electronics industry. From ideation to product release, organization is critical to any company's success. 

Whether you're making laptops, televisions, smartphones, printers, or some other kind of innovative technology, you know just how much time and coordination goes into creating high-quality products. With electronics, you not only have the hardware side of things to manage but the software side too. With dramatically different timelines and production requirements, keeping track of the roadmap for each portion can be a whole lot easier when you have the right tools at your disposal. 


Making the Product Development Process Smoother

From start to finish, your product development team handles many complicated stages of production. Without careful coordination or continuous communication, it can be all too easy for your team to miss important information regarding crucial details, such as dependencies in the product roadmap. Dependencies need to be mapped out and linked to avoid causing a cascade of problems later on in the roadmap. When milestones don't align, it can impact the product release date, which can then impact the performance of the launch and, potentially, the future of that product. 

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When you have several teams working on several different aspects of a product, whether it's hardware development, software creation, or product design, collaboration is essential. Even though these teams are separate, open communication and transparency between them are critical to your product's success. Having the right tools, such as communication channels, regular meeting venues (online or physical), and one central location to manage the roadmap helps facilitate smoother communication and ensures that each part of your product lines up as planned. 


Knowing What Your Customers Want

Illustration: Increase NPS Process It may sound like an obvious and redundant question, but do you really know what your customers want from your product? In product development, knowing the needs and wants of the customer should always be a top priority. Your customer support teams will be conducting market and customer research, gathering vital data and feedback, but how can the product teams efficiently and effectively use that data?

Cross-collaborations between the Customer Success teams and your Product Management teams can help share useful information. Having a system to store and manage the data and feedback also makes it accessible for everyone involved in product planning and design. When product teams have a clear vision of the company's goals and what the customer really needs, better products get made. It all comes down to alignment, transparency, and how well your teams work together. 


Keeping Teams Connected with Accessible Tools

Illustration: Linked teamIt's always easier to understand something when you have a visual alongside it. This same rule applies to product management. With all the complexities that come with developing electronics, visuals are key to understanding and organizing all of the information about your products. Whether you need a high-level view of your product roadmap or a focused view of a single product line, having a tool that is easy to use and share is helpful. 

Using a visually accessible tool to plan and manage a product makes visualizing the dependencies easier. For example, with a smartphone or computer, your software team cannot launch their side of the product until the hardware is complete. If there is a delay in the hardware production, your software team needs to know to adjust their plans accordingly. 

You'll make planning exponentially easier by connecting all of your teams with tools, software, and platforms that make it easy to communicate and share data, regardless of location. Keeping the flow of accurate information up-to-date and visible to all who need it is an essential part of keeping transparency in your organization, which is a fundamental component of building great products. 


Improving Collaborative Meetings

Illustration: Effective MeetingsOne of the many advantages of having the right tools in place, such as PRM software, a communication platform, and meeting tools, is how much more effective collaborative meetings can be. 

With so many teams managing different parts of the product development process, trying to organize meeting content can be overwhelming. But when a clear objective is set, and the presenter knows their audience, they can use presentation and roadmapping tools to tailor their information for the right audience. The most effective roadmapping tools will enable the user to modify reports and data for different audiences, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

With this single source of truth to work from, collaboration and communication becomes streamlined and efficient. Misunderstandings and miscommunication are dramatically reduced when everyone has the same source of information. 


Choosing the Right Tools for Your Product Teams

It's easy to say that putting the right tools in place will help your company succeed, but how do you know which tools are right for you? A few questions to ask yourself and your managers can help you get clear on what you need:

  • Can you assign different users to the platform based on authority and need of access?
  • Does the software company have excellent customer support available to help you launch the tool with your existing systems?
  • Do they have use cases that align with how you'll use and potentially benefit from the software?
  • Does the platform fit your budget?


Product Roadmap Software for Electronic Manufacturers

When it comes to product roadmap management software, we recommend choosing one that makes each step of the product development process more streamlined than before. From ideation to prototyping, all the way to unveiling your final product, your roadmapping tool should make it easier to create high-quality products. 


Gocious PRM Software

Gocious's streamlined PRM software is the missing piece of your product management puzzle. Our high-quality product roadmap software provides a full overview of your products, no matter what you're creating. Featuring a visually sleek dashboard, comprehensive collaboration options, varying access levels, and more, Gocious is the ideal product roadmap manager for electronic manufacturers.

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