How Gocious Product Roadmap Management Software Can Help Electronic Companies Be More Agile

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Illustration: Smart Phone Dissected In the modern era, it's safe to say that electronics are well on their way to ruling the world. After all, society has been wired to rely on instant access to information, maps, people, and more, all from the palm of their hand, which is wrapped around the latest smartphone on the market. This dependence on electronic devices means that electronic manufacturers must stay on top of market trends, customer feedback, and competing companies to stay relevant. 

In other words, product teams working in the electronic sector are expected to stay agile and quick to pivot along with the ever-evolving world of digital devices, software, and industry regulations. But with the highly complex nature of manufacturing electronics, how does one stay in the loop, organized, and ready for anything without getting lost in a sea of documents, consumer requests, and cross-department red tape? The answer is simple: all-encompassing product management tools that allow you to create visual roadmaps for your electronic product portfolios

Let's talk about how product roadmap management software creates more agile teams to benefit electronic companies.  


What Does "Agile" Mean?

Illustration: Agile processThe Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines being agile as having a quick, resourceful, and adaptable character, which is an integral skill to have as a product owner and team member in the realm of electronic manufacturing. Agile teams are known to react faster to the world and markets, which positions them well to adapt product roadmaps to keep up with the highly complex and technical electronic industry. 

For instance, televisions have come a long way from their big, bulky appearance and simply cable connectivity. Over the years, countless TV product models have been introduced, all offering more than the last, from PVR, pause, and rewind features to full-on SmartTV functionality with a Wi-Fi connection. Television manufacturers have had to constantly pivot to adapt to the growing needs of consumers based on the advances made in TV and internet accessibility. 


Why Is Agility Important for Companies?

Illustration: Win race finish lineWhen companies employ agile teams to facilitate product roadmaps, they can trust that every team member, from engineering and marketing to sales, accounting, and leadership, can work together effectively to find out what consumers need most and how to adapt your existing product lines to stay in alignment with market trends. 

What makes agility most important for electronic companies, specifically, is the ever-evolving digital marketplace that thrives on demanding the latest and greatest devices with software that capitalizes on convenience for consumers. In other words, people want access to electronics that make life easier, more exciting, efficient, and entertaining. That's a lot of ground to cover, with more than enough product types to modify, from smartphones and tablets to laptops, gaming consoles, and even household appliances. 

Here are four reasons why agility makes a difference for electronic companies:

  • Agile teams react faster to the market, easily adjusting the project strategy whenever required using data that are readily available via product roadmap management tools, including product line dashboards, feature libraries, and more. 
  • Agility boosts the team's ability to launch desirable products because they are able to analyze product lines efficiently and prioritize features that perform best.   
  • Taking an agile approach to your product strategy opens the line for all team members to access the data, tools, and resources they need to confidently create product lines and portfolios that stand the test of time on the market. 
  • At the root of agility is collaboration, and with a communication-driven user interface, keeping everyone connected through one product management dashboard enforces engagement and support across departments.  


How Can a Product Roadmap Help With Agility?

As mentioned, agility results from people working together with the same mindset to work around the unexpected and adapt to the complex world of electronics with ease and efficiency. Using thoughtfully built PRM software to boost agility and give product teams a leg up on the electronic markets because the digital realm never sleeps.   

Here are a few tried-and-true ways a well-designed product roadmap can foster agility within electronic companies:


One Source of Truth

Illustration: Gocious Software  Departments Intersection Think of your product roadmap management program as a command center for the whole company to turn to at any stage of a product's journey from concept to completion. Up-to-date information and hard data recorded on the dashboard allow for swift decisions to be made since the work and results are at your fingertips. PRM software creates one source of truth for transparency across the company, which enables better collaboration on product roadmaps of all scales and styles. 

Within one central platform, Gocious gives teams a chance to leverage many tools and resources, including:

Multiple Roadmap Views

Using Gocious PRM software to manage roadmaps delivers reliable data that you can visualize in multiple formats to get a well-rounded picture of your product lines and how they compare to one another. Not only can you get a high-level view of your product portfolio for in-depth insight into everything happening across departments and product milestones, but you can also zero in on specific product line views to analyze performance and pinpoint opportunities for improvement. 

Whether you are looking to launch a new product from scratch, modify an existing product line based on customer feedback, or design a software update using the product and competitor analysis data, you can use product management tools to create a visual roadmap that details exactly which areas to focus on to stay aligned with your short-term or long-term product goals

Screenshot: Product Roadmap Management Software: Medical Callout


Improve Communication

Communication is the key to an agile product team's success, which is why a helpful tool designed to encourage collaboration with teams from all departments from anywhere with the internet is beneficial. 


Product Roadmap Tools to Increase Agility

Gocious Product Roadmap Management software make it easier to plan and strategize multi-faceted product portfolios for electronic companies. Suppose you can imagine how much control your electronics have over your day-to-day routine and experiences. In that case, you can likely understand how important it is to put extreme care and consideration into the electronic products your company creates for other people. 

If you are in the electronic sector and would like to experience the efficiencies Gocious has to offer, book a free trial today and get in touch with our team to learn more. 
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