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There are many resources that a product manager can use daily. A lot of the time PMs will struggle with complicated spreadsheets attempting to organize data, which is not only an added complication for PMs but also for teams as well as stakeholders. However, there are tools that can solve this problem. 

PMs can use what is called product roadmap management (PRM) software to manage a team. PRM software is a tool that creates a strategic vision for stakeholders so that teams and PMs can effectively and efficiently manage data and information about a product. Why wouldn’t you want a tool that can help you save time and energy all while creating better communication?


The Importance of the Product Roadmap

There are many reasons why product roadmaps are important to product managers. Reaching your target market can sometimes come down to presentation. Successful products depend on a successful roadmap. Effective product strategies are also contingent on how product teams communicate and how stakeholders view data or information. 

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A roadmap can create a broader product goal for a company, allowing a diverse set of individuals to follow it. Productive progression enabled by roadmaps can help keep everyone working towards the same endpoint. The end goal of a roadmap for a product manager is to create the best product. Overall, roadmaps allow for the process of producing a product to run smoothly. 

There are different ways that product managers might use a roadmap and what they can be useful for. Since roadmaps are easy to track, product managers can receive updates on the status of products. But, for product managers, roadmaps essentially create a unified space for teams to communicate. This communication is extremely important for setting priorities and meeting goals when being a part of a team. 


Managing the Product Roadmap

The first thing you should know about roadmaps is that creating one doesn’t make it automatically happen. There are a lot of different things that need to be closely monitored to make sure that the roadmap works effectively. Careful management is required to keep on track when it comes to roadmaps and there are a few things you might want to consider when building one. 

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First, the content of your roadmap will depend on your viewer or audience. Your target audience is dependent on your product but how you present your product is also important. For example, a large corporation may have multiple teams working on a roadmap which could cover various branches of a company. Sometimes certain parts of a roadmap will only be useful for a certain audience. When developing your product roadmap, this is important to keep in mind. A roadmap for a team of executives might cover multiple products, but a roadmap for the engineering team might only cover one product. 

Despite having different teams for different products, roadmaps need to be easily understood by the audience. Details and visuals are key when presenting roadmaps and having just the right amount of information is what makes roadmaps perfect for managing multiple teams. 


Analysis Requires Data

Roadmaps can be extremely useful when compiling data. Rather than spending hours compiling data manually with spreadsheets and report documents roadmaps work as a more efficient resource as a software. Since roadmap software can automatically compile data and display it in an easy-to-read and visual way, accessing and reviewing data is more manageable for PMs, teams, and stakeholders. 


Roadmaps are essential when communicating data to teams and stakeholders. Since the main purpose of a roadmap is creating clean and clear visuals, having data displayed in this way can be extremely helpful for viewers. 

Perfecting your roadmap can take time but with companies like Gocious, using PRM software is made simple. Keeping data in one place for everyone to view is important when keeping everyone up to date on product goals. Having strategic visuals for displaying information is not only helpful but also effective, which are both aspects that roadmaps provide. 


Teams Need One Source of Truth

Illustration: Gocious PRM Department IntersectionsSince roadmaps are accessible to everyone on a team information is readily available. Going to one location for data and knowing it is up-to-date can be a huge relief. Creating a space where this kind of communication is reliable is important for keeping teams on the same page and meeting target goals. 

Roadmaps create what we at Gocious like to call one source of truth. One source of truth means that information, data, and much more are accessible to all stakeholders. This keeps everyone in the know and enables better collaboration on product ideas. 

Not only does having one source of truth create effective communication among stakeholders, it is also a important aspect when communicating to teams. Communication among teams and team members is key when creating an efficient workspace. Since everyone has access to the same information on a roadmap all team members are able to stay up to date on product goals and targets. Ultimately, product roadmaps and PRM software can help with keeping everyone on the same page so that products do not suffer. 


Cross-Functional Teams Generate Better Ideas

Having an agile team that communicate effectively is important for any company. PRM software can help you create a effective communicative work space so that everyone is working towards the same end goal. 

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With roadmaps, you can keep track of reports and much more. Cross-functional meetings that enable agility among teams is possible with customizable roadmap views. Having a space for everyone on a team to meet and collaborate towards a common goal is all possible with product roadmaps. When teams are effectively on the same page, you can generate better ideas and therefore create better overall products. Equal collaboration within the roadmap itself is also important. Although you as a product manager control the presentation of the roadmap, team’s are a big part of how you construct it. Your audience, as well as your teams will benefit from effective communication within the roadmap which is important to consider when you are developing your roadmap. 


Product Roadmap Software to Create Better Products

Product roadmap management (PRM) software is the best tool for product managers. At Gocious we offer the best techniques for developing your product roadmap. Compile data, analyze stats, and communicate effectively with Gocious’ PMR software. Book a demo today and see how roadmaps can become your new favorite product management tool. 


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