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Posted by Kevin Jankay on 8/9/22 4:00 AM
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As product managers, you know that a meaningful product strategy and roadmap are more than just timelines. To control the product's destiny, many people have to come together to make adjustments along the way. Some decisions may result in compromises such as delayed launch, change in scope, or cost. Adjustments must then be made to align with business and customer expectations. These decisions require cross-functional team collaboration and a space that can provide them with the information they need to discuss and make an informed decision in the shortest time possible.  

Working with closely with customers like you, we are excited to announce that we have enhanced our roadmap to provide you with an efficient space where you can efficiently receive critical information about your new product development initiatives. Our new roadmap features improve how product roadmaps are visualized and allow vital information to be surfaced for different purposes with little noise and distraction.  


Fantastic new look, with essential information at your fingertips 

The new roadmap look is one of the changes that immediately puts a smile on your face. Listening to your needs and reviewing your concerns, we changed the roadmap from horizontal bar charts to cards representing changes in your products at a specific time. Each card is a container of crucial information configurable to your needs. These can include key metrics, features, statuses, and tags.  

Gocious Product Roadmap Software Screenshot: Product Lines


Filters on market divisions 

Market division is a new feature we have recently released that allows you to communicate the markets and segments to which your product will be released. Each company can have a different way of breaking down its markets. It can be a combination of brand, region, quality, or other customer profiles or segments.

Gocious Product Roadmap Software: Filters on market divisions   

Even though you may have a global product roadmap that shows when new products will be introduced to the market, regional managers, or product managers responsible for a brand or a specific customer segment, will be interested in their particular roadmap. With filters, you can provide them with personalized roadmaps with a click of a button. 

For example, you may have a new car initially released in North America with a new model then released later in North America and Europe. With the new filters, the product manager in Europe will see only one release, the new model, while selecting North America will show both the initial availability of the new car and its subsequent new model introduction. 

Did we mention that the market divisions and the information you see on the roadmap are configurable?


Drill into more detail by product line 

By selecting each product line, you will see chronological releases from left to the right. Each release will contain essential information such as key feature changes and key metrics. This is the what and the value view of each product line release in a single beautiful visualization.  

Gocious Product Management Software: Drill into more detail by product line 


The stage of each plan surfaced 

Do you run a stage gate process in your organization? You can now define your stages and set them for each plan on the roadmap. Now you can see each plan's stage and immediately detect if a plan needs to be prioritized for approval to go to the next stage as its next milestone is approaching. 

 Gocious Product Roadmap Software: The stage of each plan surfaced 


 Happy road-mapping! 

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