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New Software Launched To Manage Product Complexity
Introducing our powerful software that introduces new methods and simplified modeling for decision-makers and managers of configurable products to strategically analyze product features. 
There are often hundreds and even thousands of configurations and variants to consider during the early product development stage, with high investments at stake into the choices made. Product managers need to be able to freely innovate and interact with their teams with the end customer top of mind. 

Making the right decisions - the decisions that will connect with buying customers - saves money, reduces waste, and in some situations, saves a company from suffering dire consequences. Prior to committing tons of resources to product development, having a space where product managers and other stakeholders can freely capture ideas, model, and evaluate products is crucial. 

Before product concepts are constrained by engineering influences, designers need to reflect on customer pain points so they can define the best products. Traditionally, teams use a myriad of tools like emails, spreadsheets, and disjointed messaging platforms, which makes coordination, decision making, and accuracy difficult. We have developed practical tools to help these teams successfully define products, which ensures higher market success. 

Score your entire product, not just the features

The Gocious platform gives insights quickly with little effort. Product managers input variables, set targets, and identify how product features should score. Product managers can then run different scenarios to find the best mix of features for end customers. 

Reducing Complexity & Financial Waste in Product Manufacturing

Gocious digital tools support product management during the concept, research, and analysis phases of the product life cycle. We facilitate product decision-makers, planners, and managers to collaborate, analyze, communicate, and isolate how the product should best be defined in the marketplace. 

Products are becoming more complex with less time to go to market. Product managers need tools that give them the ability to make good decisions quickly and communicate effectively with their team. Gocious' vision is to give customers insight into their Product DNA at all times - to define, configure, and scope out products that have a higher chance of succeeding in the market. 

To learn about reducing complexity and financial waste in product manufacturing, please download our new eBook below.

E-Book Gocious Reducing Complexity and Financial Waste in Product Manufacturing


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