Webinar replay: Collaboration made efficient using the Gocious - Jira Integration

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Webinar replay: Collaboration made efficient using the Gocious - Jira Integration

Our main topic in this webinar is the importance of efficient collaboration between product management and development teams, particularly regarding the benefits of integrating Gocious's platform with JIRA. 


Collaboration made efficient using the Gocious - Jira Integration

In the recent Gocious webinar, "Collaboration made efficient using the Gocious - Jira Integration"  available to watch on-demand which was presented by CTO and co-founder Maziar Adl alongside Product Manager Kevin Jankay, the discussion delved into the necessity for a continuous two-way collaboration between engineering and product management. Some of the challenges faced include aligning products with organizational goals, ensuring customer needs are met, and achieving seamless collaboration despite the growing complexity of teams' work methodologies.

The growing significance of software in various industries was emphasized, with the integration between hardware and software becoming crucial. Product managers need to coordinate these different aspects and distribute requirements among teams effectively.

Maziar highlighted the challenges product managers encounter, including the need for frictionless collaboration and ease of communication between product management and engineering.

He then introduced our new feature, the Gocious workspace and JIRA software connector as a solution. These connectors enable seamless information exchange and status updates between the two platforms. Kevin  demonstrated how a product manager interacts with JIRA while staying within Gocious, maintaining alignment, and avoiding unnecessary disruptions.

Kevin then highlighted some of the benefits including real-time updates and a transparent view of the product's progress. Challenges and discrepancies can be addressed promptly, leading to better products and smoother releases. 

The webinar concluded with an invitation for feedback, personalized demos, and free trials. 

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You can download the webinar video and slides to hear the full discussion and learn more about how Gocious helps product people meet today's manufacturing challenges.

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