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Posted by Simon Leyland on 3/25/21 11:03 AM
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An integrated approach to product management will increase collaboration between team members, data and software systems. Doing this helps to lower the risk of a product failure, while raising your teams efficiency and reducing your organizations time to market.

In the recent Gocious webinar, "An integrated approach to product management"  available to watch on-demand, we presented a view on the ideal integrated product management world.  One where where people, process and technology are all working in harmony.

Our Product Management expert, Jeff Strunk, talked about how today's world of product management relies on general productivity tools with documentation manually created, re-cut and re-translated. All these files live in an environment where they can easily be misaligned. While some may say this still presents an integrated solution, it is our belief that while it may work, it comes with countless issues. The current environment many product managers experience is one that is inefficient and highly prone to problems with data integrity.  This causes costly re-work at the later stage of the product development cycle.  This stems from the product plan not being aligned with all of the other supporting documents.

Jeff, then, proceeded to talk about the importance of staging the work of product management. This means having a process in place that supports your organization. He presented the Gocious 5 phased steps along with important things to consider in each of those phases. Accompanying this was how these steps integrate and connect together to show a natural flow of data that forms a complete solution.

The discussion then moved on to the importance of knowing your level of product management maturity. Recognizing which level of maturity your company is at means you can start looking at how to take the next steps. Do you need to grow your team? Implement a process? Or do you need a technology solution to help you? 

Simon Leyland, Gocious' Director of Customer Success, then discussed how Gocious wants to help product management teams by taking the technology portion out of the equation. Gocious offers a bespoke solution to support your product management team and process throughout the product development lifecycle. Simon showed the functionality currently supported and a view of what Gocious is focusing on next. This was followed by a product demo showcasing some of the Gocious capabilities including analytics built into the platform to help Product Managers derive answers and insights as they identify opportunities and attempt to get their next product through the phases to a successful product launch.

The demo was wrapped up with a quick discussion on how it doesn't matter what level of maturity your product management team is at today; Gocious is here to help!

The webinar finished with Jeff and Simon taking a Q&A session. Discussing the benefits that the Gocious platform would bring and how it would have helped each of them in their previous roles in product management.

You can download the webinar video and slides to hear the full discussion and learn more about how Gocious helps product managers, planners, designers, and engineers meet today's discrete manufacturing challenges.

Watch the webinar now


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