What Product Managers Need to Know About Communication

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If you talk to any relationship expert, they will state how communication is the most crucial aspect of keeping any relationship afloat. Understanding each other's ideas, expectations, and plans for the future will maintain a happy relationship.

It is no different for business. Companies have many levels of intertwining relationships, and effective communication between these relationships is essential. The stronger your communication is, the more it will keep your company running smoothly. Strong, effective communication will also allow for better understanding between stakeholders within your business. 


The Importance of the Product Manager

Since communication is vital to keeping your business running smoothly, and your product managers are the key to product management and successfully seeing your products released to the world, there are a number of important things product managers should know about improving their communication skills. For starters, a company will function better when clear ideas are established regarding product goals, strategy, customer service, and branding. When communication within the company improves, all aspects of managing the product roadmaps become smoother. 


It Creates Better Collaborations

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Keeping the vision and strategy of your business consistent can be challenging. It's even harder when you have many teams in different locations and countries. There is a chance of communication dissipating with increased distances when you don't have the right tools in place. Keeping your team in the know is easy through well-organized communication and systems that enable information sharing and real-time discussions. 

How can you have well-organized communication? A software system built for those needs will help you keep track of shared documents and reports. Ensuring your teams have access to this is vital in keeping your company's vision consistent. A well-organized communication system will also enable your products to reach their intended markets with fewer hiccups. 

When communication is smooth, a company with cross-functional teams will have an easier time strategizing products and achieving product goals. In turn, smoother communication with all stakeholders also leads to better-organized product roadmaps. When the roadmap is consistent, strategic, and embodies the company goals, the easier it will be to manage and follow. 


It Can Reduce Time Spent on Emails and Unnecessary Meetings


The usual mode of communication is through emails and meetings. It's easy for the copious emails to pile up, creating unnecessary stress and time spent sorting and replying to those messages. Meetings are a great way to have face-to-face conversations, but these can also waste your time and, in many cases, are unnecessary. 

One solution to cut down on emails and meetings is to use a tool that allows for real-time communication over any aspect of the product roadmap through shared documents and data reports. It's more beneficial for a company to spend time on their work instead of reading through emails and planning meetings. Working together on shared data sources gives your product team a place to return for easy access to one source of truth. 

In addition to shared data, shared files will reduce the need for constant meetings by allowing for simple and fast communication between cross-functional teams. When all members see and understand the strategic vision for the product lines in the product portfolio, it will reduce instances of miscommunication and get straight to the necessary information to keep your business booming.


It Encourages Better Ideas 

Having a clear product vision for all team members can help generate better ideas. A strategic product roadmap can help connect your team members that otherwise would have little to no contact. The easier it is to share ideas between stakeholders, the easier it is to collaborate and uphold those visions.

With shared documents and reports, Instead of waiting days for a response via email, you'll be able to see updates instantly. Gocious, PRM software generates automatic notifications the moment your colleagues update a document, so you always have access to the latest intel. With Gocious, your team will have faster and more consistent access to all concepts. 

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One source of truth for your company to access will decrease the opportunities for miscommunication and allow creativity and collaboration to flourish. Everyone on board can share their ideas in real time with multiple teams. No more cc's and no more stress.


It Increases Transparency Across Teams

Information on product strategy, product features, and strategic goals should be available to all team members. Working together in the same software allows for greater transparency, especially when shared statistics are available for everyone. When all essential information is in one area, open to all cross-functional teams, everyone gets what they need.


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It Supports Your Product Roadmaps

Roadmap – 1-1-1There are several roadmapping tools on the market, but none of them offer the agility or range of features that Gocious does. Gocious Product Roadmapping Software allows flexibility in its design and enables your business to build product roadmaps fit for your entire portfolio. Our software is less rigid and offers different visuals to see your product's specific features. 

Gocious Product Management software makes managing your portfolio easier than ever. You'll be able to see where opportunities lie to share components between product lines, where alignment needs to happen to match the voice of the customer, and where the overall trajectory of your product is headed over time. 


Many different types of roadmaps can be created through this software. 

  1. Gocious Product Line OverviewPersonas: this is how the product benefits the user over time and allows an in-depth look into customer feedback. 

  2. Financial: this will allow a clear understanding of your cost-benefit ratio. It will give you an organized look at your spending and earnings, where you are wasting money, and where there is untapped potential. 

  3. Regional: keeps the focus on the needs of your product in specific markets. 

  4. Milestone cards: Keep track of all your significant milestones and goals. Look far into the future and have the ability to plan for large-scale events.

When you use Gocious PRM software, you also get the benefit of even more features that we continue to develop to help product manufacturers meet their business goals. 


Manage Your Product Roadmap Strategy With Better Communication Tools

Let's make managing your product roadmap a breeze with a well-organized, customizable dashboard to monitor and analyze your entire portfolio. Gocious PRM software is the tool manufacturers need to improve communication across their teams. It's the product management tool of your dreams and is the ultimate playbook for your product manager. Book a demo to see how Gocious can work for your company. 


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