Webinar replay: Customers want customizations...but do they want the options?

Posted by The Gocious Team on 8/10/20 9:57 AM
The Gocious Team


Gocious and JATO Dynamics North America recently held a webinar for manufacturing product planners, designers, and engineers to discuss customer behavior trends in manufactured products. The webinar, available to watch on-demand, hosted experts from the two companies who evaluated the situation manufacturers face in designing product lines with complex customizations.

There is growing consumer demand for customization. Our experts share how manufacturers are meeting the challenges in rolling out product lines to customer expectations, particularly in the automobile industry. 

The discussion includes analysis on:

    • Transformation of the automotive industry to Mobility-as-a-Service
    • Increased demand for vehicle connectivity to mobiles
    • Evolution of safety equipment due to emerging technologies such as DAS equipment 
    • Game-changing challenges from disruptive brands like Tesla that take an agile approach to market  
    • Impact of the global pandemic, with manufacturers facing unprecedented disruption to supply chains
    • How optional features have migrated to standard equipment over the last ten years 
    • Challenges of sifting through copious amounts of configurable data with limiting tools like Excel
    • Difficulties for product teams sharing plans across company departments    

Learn more about how product planners, designers, and engineers are meeting today's manufacturing challenges. Download the webinar video and slides to hear the full discussion.

Watch the webinar now


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