Just released: Value Map Charts

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 9/9/21 6:00 AM

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Value Map charts to help product portfolio managers take advantage of the market conditions and position their products for success. Using Value Maps, as a product manager, you can compare your products against competitors in terms of value and price to devise the best strategy to enter or adjust the position of your products in the market. 

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Just Released: Capturing and tracking your product price

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 8/17/21 3:34 PM

In our conversations with you, it is clear that developing your product portfolio based on its features alone and without considering price can be risky and incomplete. So we decided to engineer and develop tools that enable you to analyze and make decisions on setting and communicating your products' price. Today we are pleased to announce the first step in a series of launches providing you with the ability to decide, capture and share price sheets for each of your products, including the impact that options would have on the price. With this capability, you can define multiple price sheets for your product and see the ranges of the prices your products will cover depending on the options selected.

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Webinar replay: Establish Value with Competitive Pricing Analysis

Posted by Simon Leyland on 6/29/21 12:52 PM

As a manufacturer of products, you will ultimately need to set the price for your product in the market. There are pricing methodologies which exist to help you in your quest for the optimal price that the customer is willing to pay while maximizing your revenue and profit. Two straight forward examples are cost + or pricing vs. your competition models. 

However, they do not always fully highlight your true business goal or intended outcomes; are you going to maximize your profits? You might in fact be leaving money on the table. 

Value-based pricing models can help you realize the full potential price of your product. They can also be very confusing to understand or even to put into practice.

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The Value Map, a product managers ally in assessing products position in the market

Posted by Maziar Adl on 6/16/21 5:45 AM

As a product manager, knowing the value of your products in the market is a never-ending pursuit. It is a fundamental gauge to determine whether the product needs changes and how best to position it in the market. There are different methods to assess value and use that to determine how to position the product. However, in this article, we will focus on Value Map, which is a tool to assess the positioning of your product in terms of price and customer value compared to the competition.  

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EVC, a value-based pricing technique based on Competitive Analysis

Posted by Maziar Adl on 4/20/21 10:30 AM

Competitive analysis is a common practice to ensure your product is unique and competitive compared to others in the market. Once you have the breakdown of each product's differentiating features, you can perform an initial assessment on what price you could offer your product to the market using Economic Value to the Customer (EVC).

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