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Posted by Simon Leyland on 11/12/20 12:23 PM
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Gocious recently held a webinar to discuss why integrating product planning with PLM is essential. The webinar, available to watch on-demand, presented the benefits of integration for PLM and product planning. We discussed how Gocious can help with that integration and also digitally transforming the product planning process.

We looked at how PLM helped product development connect various siloes involved in the development process. Increasing efficiency and reducing the development lifecycle timelines. This was done by leveraging an internal common product structure that allowed the attachment of the various data-points needed by development teams.

We showed how the planning process and its product data are disconnected from the product lifecycle and its challenges for both planning and development teams. Our solution was presented as a way for discrete manufacturers to integrate their data streams. It enables product development to get their required product data into the PLM systems faster, and product planning can leverage development data to speed up their decision-making process.

The integration of these two separate data streams would be possible by mapping the different product structures in both planning and development. With a mapping between the two systems, planning would validate product structures and provide answers for the number of design solutions required for a product structure node.

We presented why adopting an intelligent product planning software solution as part of the product planning practice that integrates with PLM but is not tightly coupled is beneficial to the team. An accurate plan submitted with speed reduces issues and misalignments being discovered late in the product development cycle, causing costly delays and raising the likelihood of missing a production launch date. The autonomy of making changes to the plan and considering alternatives before syncing with PLM allows for the voice-of-the-customer to be reflected in the product line.

Lastly, we showed how manufacturers can simplify their product definition and planning to reduce their product launch cycle time and complement their digital transformation efforts using Gocious.

You can download the webinar video and slides to hear the full discussion and learn more about how product managers, planners, designers, and engineers meet today's manufacturing challenges.

Watch the webinar now


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