Product Design & Planning Software Available For COVID-19 Responders

Posted by The Gocious Team on 4/13/20 12:43 PM
The Gocious Team



Product manufacturers across the country are working quickly to address the urgent needs healthcare and communities are facing as a result of COVID-19. Gocious offers these manufacturers our product planning software for free use during this time of crisis to develop preventative or curing products.

The paramount manufacturing need we are seeing is the requirement for design and planning teams to work efficiently and quickly. They face unique challenges. First, these teams must decide what to produce that fulfills a need and is a feature or capability they can create. Second, they must swiftly retool and properly calibrate production lines. For most of them, they are designing and planning products they have never designed or produced. 

For those teams creating medical devices, like ventilators, they may encounter design issues because they are using tools and features never intended for that purpose. Ensuring medical equipment features are detailed and accurate is extremely important. And there is no room for error. Both human health needs and a lack of some resources are impacting the need to get things perfect and as soon as possible. 

In efforts to help guide designers and planners, we looked at the lessons manufacturers are already learning about how to pivot production lines quickly. In our last post, we covered:

  • How to identify production adjacencies
  • What producers of flexible tools can do
  • The importance of multidisciplinarity & collaboration
  • How to identify capabilities instead of products

We are now helping product makers grappling with the issue of coordinating disjointed teams efficiently, securely, and quickly. Manufacturers are working on fresh products with teams that include hospitals, regulatory entities, and outside consultants. Designers and engineers usually collaborate through PLM tools that are on work desktops or are on an on-premise solution. Some of these teams are resulting in working over back and forth emails and cloud share platforms that are not optimized for product design and planning. 

Help For Manufacturers Responding to COVID-19

The Gocious product planning software is available for businesses responding either directly or indirectly to the current pandemic. We offer our software for free for 12 months to businesses for the purpose of working on preventing, curing, or recovering from COVID.

The software is secure and helps teams plan, analyze, and share information easily and fast. We offer these planning teams and businesses real-time collaboration through a user-friendly platform that is quick to set up online. 

Please help us share this information to businesses who need this software. Manufacturers can sign up on the link below. 

COVID-19 Product Manufacturers Register Here 


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