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Posted by Kevin Jankay on 2/22/21 12:20 PM
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Here at Gocious, we realize how significant the value of brand is to our customers. A company brand brings more credibility and marketing leverage and brings a sense of pride, ownership, and belonging. Not to mention, branding your space gets you out of trouble with the marketing and branding team! 

We added a Workspace Settings page to configure your workspace's look and feel and make the space part of your organization. 

Workspace Settings - default-1


Setting a workspace name that better reflects your work 

 Until now, the workspace name was the same as the first part of your website address. But website addresses have many limitations. For example, it can only be one word! Many special characters are not allowed, and so on. You can now change the workspace name in the Workspace Settings to anything you like to better reflect your project and products 

Workspace Settings - application


Branding your workspace with your logo and color 

 Now all you need is an image of your logo and the color code that represents your company. You can simply upload your logo file in many different image formats, and Gocious will right size it for you to fit the screen.  

The color you select will also be reflected on every screen's top bar as the background where your logo is also positioned.  

But there is more! All the reports you generate and export will now include your logo and footer text 

 Workspace Settings - report

At Gocious, our mission is to support great minds that create products that can define, decide and communicate the future world effectively and efficiently. Quick and fast communication without delay saves time for many in a team. With the right styling and branding, team members are more comfortable and confident about the company and organization that the information is produced.  

Happy Planning! 😊  


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