Just Released: Product Specification Equations

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 7/26/21 12:18 PM
Kevin Jankay
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We are super excited to announce our latest capability for product managers to enhance their product scoring capability and define product specifications more accurately. With the introduction of equations, product teams can define specifications that can result from calculations based on features on the product.

For example, the total weight of a product configuration can be the sum of the weight of certain selected features plus a base weight. In addition, with Gocious, you can now dynamically score every variant based on calculated product specifications.


The ability to calculate specifications based on other parameters will allow us to build many new capabilities to make it easy for product managers to analyze and generate product and variant definitions. It’s another step in building the stuff that allows product managers to define products with higher accuracy and perform more comprehensive analytics to ensure the product is optimal for the market.

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