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At Gocious, we're dedicated to supporting our customers' needs. When they tell us how a certain feature or capability would make their team's work easier, we listen and take the feedback seriously. Every quarter, we release updates that make dynamic roadmapping more effective and efficient for all levels of an organization, from lead engineers to product management teams to executive-level positions. 


Update #1: Feature Alerts and Notifications

Companies that develop large or complex products work with a long list of features that make each product line distinct. Keeping track of the status of all those features is challenging. 

Product teams must know which features are available to make accurate long-term product plans. Product managers, engineers, and other relevant stakeholders hold strategic conversations if a feature isn't ready at the predetermined launch date. By contrast, if a feature is slated for discontinuation, products that currently rely on that feature need to make alternative plans in advance. Our Feature Implementation Roadmap shows the relationship between the feature and the product line plans that are using them.

Feature Implementation Roadmap


Helping Teams Coordinate Release Dates with Accuracy

Our development team has created several new features this year to help product stakeholders make decisions clearly. These new settings include features that help prioritize the customer voice using capability scores and features that make prioritization accurate and transparent for large organizations. Our latest feature helps large organizations coordinate feature release dates with greater accuracy. 

Standard questions that product teams often have about feature options are:

  • Which product lines are using which features?
  • When will the feature be available to use? 
  • When will the feature be phased out? 

With the latest Gocious release, users can find the answers to these questions with the click of a button.


Which Products Are Using Which Features?

Within the Gocious feature Implementation Roadmap, teams can now see exactly which features or feature families are available and when. Knowing these timelines creates company-wide transparency and accurate product planning. Teams can also review the portfolio based on each feature and the number of products using it.


Setting & Sharing Feature Release Dates

As soon as a new feature is in development, design or engineering teams can let stakeholders know when it will be ready to use by adding a start date to that feature in the implementation roadmap. When there are delays or changes to the timeline, they can adjust the date in the roadmap to alert all stakeholders to the changes. This keeps everyone informed and can prompt strategic discussions sooner.


Setting & Sharing Feature End Dates 

Product managers also need to know the length of time a feature will be available, for long-term planning. Discontinuing a feature will impact all the products using it. This is why stakeholders need to know as soon as feature lifecycles are changed. They make plans to replace that feature or change the product accordingly. When an end date is added to a feature in the Gocious platform, all plans using it after the end date receive an alert. This keeps relevant stakeholders informed.


Feature Availability Alerts

Any plans scheduled to use a feature before its release date or after its end date also receive alerts.  These alerts notify stakeholders that their plans will need adjusting. They may need to negotiate with their colleagues or find alternative solutions. 


Update #2: Feature Introduction Tags

In addition to knowing when features are active, Gocious users can now track when features are first introduced to the market. Feature cards have diamond labels where users can assign the following codes:

  • I = Introduced
  • N = New
  • C = Changed

This update makes it easy for product teams to label brand-new features so other teams can see when new features are hitting the market and become available to use in their own product plans. Tags also allow teams to easily look back and review the first time a particular feature was introduced.


You can set the change indicator in the Product Content tab inside the plan.


The change indicator will be displayed inside the date marker on the roadmaps.


Increasing Transparency Between Teams

Knowing when a feature is launching and how long it will be available aligns teams with greater transparency. When teams have transparency, they collaborate better and create better products.


Giving Executives High-Level Insight

Tracking features give executives another layer of detail to examine as needed. When product leaders need to discuss a certain product line or feature, they can filter the product portfolio by feature for easy reference. This new ability makes high-level snapshots of the product roadmaps useful to all stakeholders.


Update #3: Enhanced Category Navigation

At Gocious, we’re known for our clear visual displays, customizable dashboards, and continuous innovation to help ease our customers’ workloads. A primary goal for our platform is to ensure that users can easily find the information they need at the roadmap level. Our enhanced category navigation for roadmaps does just that.

Expand All and Collapse All controls are now available on all roadmaps

Companies with large product portfolios or complex lists of features no longer have to scroll through all the options to find the information they need. With one click, users can collapse or expand long lists of options, helping them find the required information in less time. This new collapsible accordion feature captures the user’s preference, so each time you log in, you have a seamless experience. 


The Right Information for Each User

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