Just Released: Archiving your Product Lines

Posted by Kevin Jankay on 4/27/21 12:56 PM
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archiving-product-linesProduct lines sunset. Your teams need a space to experiment, learn, and review alternatives for a short period. You want to improve your product line organization. The feedback we receive from our users form the basis of how we improve our software. This is no exception.

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We released the ability for you to be able to archive and restore your  product lines. With this feature, you can archive the product line, removing it from the main product line list and adding it to an archive list instead.

It's the best way to keep things organized and still preserve the history of your product line for future reference and retrospective.

product line archive link_2

It will also make it “read-only.” Even though you can access the details of the product line, you cannot make any changes to it.

archived product lines

Made a mistake? Need your archived product line back again? No problem! You can simply restore the product line and continue where you left off.

product line restore

With this feature, you can file away product lines that are no longer in use but at the same time preserve the history and decisions that led to the product in the first place. You can also restore product lines that are acting as alternative solutions or train your team.

Happy product planning

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