Webinar replay: Adapting Your Product Strategy Assessment for Today's Market

Posted by Simon Leyland on 8/3/21 6:00 AM
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If you want your company to grow and expand, the key to success is a solid product strategy. Your product strategy must be flexible and nimble to quickly react to changing market conditions. Our research has found that product managers rarely use specialized tools to set the strategy of their portfolio. Today’s general productivity tools make it difficult for companies to track and make changes and set their product strategy to adapt to the changing market needs in an agile and efficient way.

In the recent Gocious webinar, "Adapting Your Product Strategy Assessment for Today's Market"  available to watch on-demand, we discussed how companies need to promote a culture of innovation while constantly refining their product strategy so they can drive healthy growth.

Our CMO, Mark Kapczynski, started the webinar by discussing what we at Gocious see as the industry problem faced by organizations today. Companies want growth. In order to achieve this, a very common approach is to bring outside consultants to help them develop a product strategy. They do excellent work; doing deep analysis of markets, customers, and competition. The end result is a great presentation delivered with fanfare........ But then what?

In Mark’s experience, companies rarely take action and if they do, it's only a small part of what was originally planned. Once strategy unfolds, it's hard to learn from successes and failures because tracing the product performance back to the original product plan decisions doesn't exist or is complex. How can we fix this disconnect?

Gocious Co-founder and CTO, Maziar Adl, presented what a modern product innovation approach can look like while detailing the five key pillars that support adopting an innovation-based culture. Maziar then touched on the benefits an innovation culture can bring to your organization. 

He showed how a modern tool like Gocious can help you deliver a more effective product strategy that promotes innovation to deliver on the goal of growth. The Gocious platform allows you to make incremental changes and grow your business in a healthy sustainable manner that delivers value to your customers, meets market demand, and delivers positive results for your business.

We closed the webinar out by discussing a few ways Gocious is here to help you today, whether you are ready to try the platform yourself or perhaps having us deliver our new Product Strategy Assessment for you. If you are a consulting firm, talk with us about how Gocious can be used in your projects.

You can download the webinar video and slides to hear the full discussion and learn more about how Gocious helps product people meet today's product strategy challenges.

Watch the webinar now


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